Ball Fields for Adoption 
Baseball Fields:
Central Park
     - Cat Thompson
     - Elton Call
Civitan Park
Freeman Park
Reinhart Park adopted by: Ron Sayer Auto Group
Rollandet Park
     - North
     - Center
     - South
Sugar Mill
     - North
     - South
Tautphaus E40
Softball Fields:
Community Park
     - Field 1 adopted by: Roamer Transport Inc.
     - Field 2
     - Field 3
     - Field 4
Tautphaus Park
     - Craner Field
     - Chapple Field adopted by: Idaho Central Credit Union
     - Elk Field
     - Fiest Field
Old Butte Soccer Complex

The Adopt-a-Field Program is a new volunteer opportunity that builds a sense of community pride and ownership around every park ball field in the City of Idaho Falls. The City of Idaho Falls Department of Parks and Recreation believe that the success of the Idaho Falls park's system depends on the support, assistance, advocacy and enthusiasm of community volunteers. Through the Adopt-a-Field Program, we seek to find the best practices and strategies to work together to enhance the park system improving our ball fields for all to enjoy. 

Adopt-a-Field Quick Facts

Commitment: Adopter(s) commit to volunteering and caring for the ball field for 12 months from the date of adoption. Minimum expected volunteer service: 1 day a month volunteering in the park


1.) Review Volunteer Guidelines and Sign Volunteer Agreement

2.) Adopters must be 18 years or older

3.) Report Volunteer work days to the volunteer coordinator

4.) Keep track of volunteer numbers and hours report to Volunteer Coordinator quarterly numbers

Who can Participate?

Athletic Organizations

Business or Other Community Organizations

Civic Groups

Faith-Based Organizations


Neighborhood Associations

Schools (groups and teams)

Service Organizations

Youth Groups

What will you be doing:

Routine and basic maintenance of the field

Litter cleanup

Painting, graffiti removal, minor repairs

Manual invasive plant removal; i.e. weeding infield and outfield

Getting started:

Fill out Adopt-a-Field Application

Meet with Volunteer Coordinator to discuss adoption

Wait for approval on application

Once approved, begin volunteering