Command Staff

A Message from the Chief

As citizens of Idaho Falls, we are fortunate to live in a community where city leaders place a high emphasis on providing a high quality of life to its residents. At the Idaho Falls Police Department we are pleased to know that through our public safety services, we too, are an intricate part in making sure that mission continues to be a reality. This is all thanks to the hard-working, dedicated sworn officers and civilian employees and volunteers within the department; and the continued support of our residents.

The IFPD provides multiple services and programs to our residents that are usually only found in the larger metropolitan areas. In recent years, we've also enhanced our community outreach as we've utilized multiple social media resources to promote crime prevention and overall transparency.

As the new chief, I have the great pleasure and honor to lead this department into the future as we continue to search and implement innovative and proactive public safety measures to ensure that Idaho Falls continues to be a safe and happy place to live.

Chief Mark McBride