Mission & Values


"A community safe from crime and disorder."

Our Mission

"The Idaho Falls Police Department strives to create an environment free from crime and disorder through efficient service and valuable community collaboration."

Our Values

The dominant values of the Idaho Falls Police Department are:
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Respect
  • Trust
Values are the most fundamental beliefs by which the organization operates. They serve as a foundation on which leadership and management are provided and decisions are made. The values established by this department are non-negotiable, and are constantly held before the employees and the community.


We will strive daily to provide quality service, and be honest and truthful in all our dealings.


We will bring honor to our profession through leadership and example to fellow employees and the public. We will be loyal to our profession by honoring the code of ethics; to our employer by encouraging a positive work environment, looking for ways to be more successful each day, and holding one’s self accountable; and to the public by providing dependable service.


We will show respect for fellow employees and the public; and show empathy to those in less fortunate circumstances. We will respect the dignity of every person.


We will build trust by being honest and working with the public to keep this community safe from crime and disorder.