Record a Memory


Record a Memory of Idaho Falls

As we imagine what growth looks like in the City of Idaho Falls, understanding what made Idaho Falls what it is today can be just as valuable. When the city founders arrived in 1864, we wonder if they could have imagined just how vibrant and special the community they started would become.

We all have memories and stories which shape our city and experience here, whether they are from many years ago or yesterday. The city is hoping you’ll think about your experiences in Idaho Falls and help by sharing a brief memory or story to create a community history. Please upload a short video, no longer than about 1 minute, or upload a picture and tell us about it in 3 or 4 sentences. 

Below are questions or prompts to give a memory or story you would like to share. Videos and photos will be complied into short videos on each topic listed and used as the City imagines growth for future planning. When clicking the link, there are options to upload photos, record a video, or submit videos from saved Social Media sites such as Facebook or Instagram. You can choose to share a video on any one of the topics or on all of them. 

If you have additional questions, email

Please note that submissions through the links below become part of public record. The City of Idaho Falls reserves the right to edit submissions. Submission below does not guarantee inclusion into the final project. By clicking the link below and submitting video or photos, you as the user are agreeing to the above terms. 

1. Is there one place that is particularly important to you or your family? Did you have a favorite place that you used to frequent, maybe a favorite place to eat or shop downtown, or on Northgate Mile, or First Street? Is there an annual event you looked forward to attending? Tell us a little about that place and why it was important or why you went there?

2. Why did you and/or your family move here?  If you remember moving here, what were your first impressions?

3. There have been some pretty interesting things that have happened in Idaho Falls, anything from politicians stopping in for a visit to cultural events and even a solar eclipse! What is a significant event you remember and why did it leave an impression on you?

4. Do you have a favorite story from school? Which school was it and when did you attend there?

5. Idaho Falls has changed a lot over the years. What is the biggest change you’ve seen in Idaho Falls?

6. Now, thinking more about the future, what is one big idea you have for Idaho Falls, When you think about the town 20-30 years from now, what would be great to see?