Learn to Skate Registration & Class Descriptions

Register Now Opens in new windowThis year classes will be held once a week on Tues or Thurs.                                 You may sign up for more than one class per week.

The City of Idaho Falls strives to make its program inclusive and accessible for all individuals.  If your child requires individual accommodations due to any condition, impairment, or as a result of any injury, please contact us and let us know how we can properly make accommodations..

A woman giving lessons to a young skater.

Preschool Intro to Skating 4-6 yrs old

Intro to skating will teach new skaters to enjoy the sport of ice skating.  Students will learn to fall down and get up, march, wiggle and glide. As students gain confidence they will progress through the basic skills of skating. This class is designed to be fun and encouraging for young skaters.

Advanced Pre School

The advanced preschool skater will begin to learn the foundational skills of ice skating through games and fun activities.  Forward glides, swizzles, wiggles, jumping and stopping are skills that will be taught in this class.  Students must have passed the Intro to Skating class before registering for this level.

Youth Intro to Skating 7-17 yrs old

The Intro to Skating class is designed for the brand new skater.  Students will learn to fall down and get up, skate across the ice, glide and the basics of a forward stop.

Youth Novice

The Novice class is designed for those students who can successfully skate across the ice, glide and demonstrate balance and control.  It is recommended that students pass the Intro to Skating class before registering for the Novice class.  Skaters will learn the foundational skills of skating that are included in the Learn to Skate USA Basic 2 curriculum.

Youth Intermediate

This focus of this class is to master forward skating skills, forward edges, and forward crossovers.  The skills from Basic 3 and Basic 4 of the Learn to Skate Curriculum will be followed for instruction at this level.

Youth Advanced

The Advanced class will teach and develop the following skills edges, turns, backward crossovers, backward stroking, gliding skills, beginning spins and introductory jumps.  Skaters must have passed the Intermediate class before registering for this level. 

Adult Class

Adult lessons are great for the beginner skater just learning the basics or the recreational skater that desires to enhance their abilities by exploring and developing figure skating skills and techniques.  The key word is "fun", we strive to make your ice time enjoyable while building confidence through lessons. Instruction will be offered for 30 minutes providing a foundation for the skater to work and build upon independently with the remaining class time.

This class format is modified from our Tuesday class. It is geared for those that may not be able to come every week. Registration is per week and pre-registration is not required, welcoming drop participants.   Basic skills will be taught and once the basics have been established, the individual can tell the instructor their development goals and the instructor will help the participant work toward those goals. Reminder: NO CLASS Tuesday, October 31

Beginning skills taught include but are not limited to:

  • Skating forwards & backwards
  • Stopping & starting
  • Two foot and one foot, three turns

Developing Skills taught could include but are not limited to:

  • Expand skating forwards and backwards on front and back edges
  • Two foot spins 
  • Pre - ice dances