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  1. UPDATED: Suspect in custody (Original title: Police seek help of public to locate suspect...)

    Update (7:30 PM): Tanisha Hill turned herself in to police, who verified the 4 year old boy is safe. Hill was booked into Bonneville County jail on charges of aggravated assault. Potential charges related to the hit and run incident are still pending. Read on...
  2. Police ask for public’s help to gain information and keep an eye out for stolen property

    The First Evangelical Lutheran Church located at the corner of Sunnyside Rd & Rollandet Ave was vandalized and approximately $10,000-$12,000 worth of property was stolen. Police are asking for your help to solve the crime. Read on...
  1. Here's how to prepare your kids if there is ever an active shooter.

  2. Local political activist in her 80s comes forward, puts end to panic over postcard

    The high tension in the community was made worse by social media rumors swirling Wed & Thurs. The "mail piece mayhem" serves as an example of how incorrect information can have a significant negative impact if accuracy is not verified before it is spread. Read on...
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