Residential Fiber Pilot

Check Fiber Availability

Below is an interactive map for those residences within the pilot program that currently have fiber availability. All residences with fiber will be highlighted in orange. As more residences are added to the fiber availability list, the map will be updated. Click here to view the map.


Idaho Falls Fiber (IFF), along with Idaho Falls Power (IFP), is excited to announce the expansion of our fiber network into three residential neighborhoods: Carriagegate, South Park, and Stonebrook.

We are collaborating with UTOPIA, a Utah-based telecommunication open infrastructure agency, to provide this new service. Through this collaboration, residential customers will enjoy Internet speeds up to one gigabyte. This project will also allow IFP to continue providing a robust electric system and innovative home energy solutions to customers. To learn more about UTOPIA, click this link.

The pilot program will allow IFF to gauge residential interest in fiber service, and the pilot will provide the City of Idaho Falls with information necessary to make a more informed decision about the expansion of residential fiber beyond the pilot area.

Pilot Program Frequently Asked Questions

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