Idaho Falls Fiber (IFF)  is excited to announce the expansion of our fiber network. We are currently conducting a residential  fiber pilot program, expanding the network to three residential neighborhoods. The pilot will assist IFF in gauging community demand for residential fiber, and the pilot will help us determine the costs and benefits. Upon completion of the pilot, Idaho Falls Fiber will have the information needed to assess the feasibility of expanding residential and commercial fiber throughout the City.

Pilot participants will enjoy Internet speeds up to one gigabyte, and participants will have the option to choose between several Internet Providers. Currently, there is limited availability of fiber within the pilot program.

If you are interested in obtaining fiber to your home, please check the availability at your residence by clicking here. If service is available, you can select an Internet Provider and service plan. We also encourage you to check out the installation process to give you a better idea of how the service will be connected to your home.