Fire Prevention Education

Outdoor Fires in City Limits

Outdoor fires are a common response for the Idaho Falls Fire Department during the spring and summer months. While recreational fires are permitted inside city limits when conditions warrant and requirements are met, a permit is required for bonfires and irrigation/weed control. It is illegal to burn leaves, trash or construction debris and yard cleanup inside city limits. Burn barrels are strictly prohibited. Click HERE for more information. 


More and more people make their homes in areas that are prone to wildfires. You can take steps to be ready for a wildfire and prepare your home and landscaping to reduce your risk. Learn how to protect yourself and your family from a wildfire, evacuate safely during a wildfire, and how to stay healthy when you return home. Click HERE for more information.

Holiday Safety

The Idaho Falls Fire Department and U.S. Fire Administration reminds families to keep safety at the front of the table when preparing holiday meals. The number of home fires double on Thanksgiving. Add a pinch of fire safety to the menu by keeping these safety tips in mind.

What to do if there's a grease fire. Click HERE for a cooking safety video, courtesy of East Idaho News. 

Travel Safety

Highway Safety

  • Our friends with the American Red Cross have a web page for staying safe while on the highway.
  • Stay up to date with the latest traffic information from your local transportation department, which could include:
    • Calling 511
    • Downloading an app
    • Signing up for media, city/county/state alerts via email or text
  • Keep an emergency kit in your car. has a list of items you may want to include in your car’s kit.

Airplane Safety

If you’re taking a plane for the holidays, don’t let the journey to get in the way of your destination. Reviewing items to pack, anticipating delays and airport safety will help you arrive safely:

International Travelers 

For those crossing borders for the holidays, consider using these resources to help you get to your destination:

  • If you’re driving outside of the U.S. for the holidays, you may want to check on border wait times: If you’re traveling from Canada to the U.S., this site has border wait times:
  • Learn about the country you’re headed to from the Department of State at The site includes the Consular Information Program, which informs the public of conditions abroad that may affect safety and security. Country-specific information, travel alerts and travel warnings are all part of this program.

For Parents

Whether for the emergency kit in your home, the car or your suitcase, it’s a good idea to have items for children – – just in case. Consider packing a game or two.

Some disasters strike without warning, and family members may not all be in the same place. Make a plan now so you will know what to do, how to find each other and how to communicate in an emergency. Make sure the kids are involved in planning a family communication plan with the webpage

For Educators

See links below. 

For Pet Owners 

If you’re going to be on the road with your animal companions for the holidays, make sure your car or travel emergency kit includes items for your pet, such as water and food. Something familiar such as toy or something comforting like a blanket can help alleviate stress, so you may want to add those items.

You probably already have a photo of your pet on your phone, but in case you do not, take some now for identification purposes. A photo of you with your pet may be best, so break out the selfie stick – emergency preparedness can be fun. You may also want to have digital copies of your pets’ medical records available.

Additional Fire Safety Information

The Idaho Falls Fire Department recommends the following websites for additional fire prevention and safety information:

Milo & Moxie Community Education Kits

How to Make a Fire Escape Plan

Sparky the Fire Dog's website featuring fun games and safety information.

Prevention of home-related injuries

The U.S. Fire Administration works to reduce life & economic losses due to fire and other emergencies.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is charged with protecting the public from serious injury or death from consumer products.

Fire Prevention and Safety Guide.

Parking Restrictions in Idaho Falls