6 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

6 Ways to Keep Family Safe Image

The Idaho Falls Police Department wants you remind of ways you and your family can prevent your kids from being lost or hurt as you attend the Independence Day activities.

1. Take a photo ON July 4th.  On the morning of Independence Day, take a photo of each of your kids. A photo with kids in their current clothing can help locate children much faster and more easily if they become separated from you.

2. Have your child keep your contact information in their pocket.  If a child gets lost, they can hand the information to a first responder. Your name, address, phone number and the child’s name should be listed. In a scary situation, this information can help to reunite you with your children quickly.

3. Choose clothes that stand out.  If you’re scanning the crowd and you know which bright colors you’re looking for, you’ll be able to spot your family quickly. Make sure younger children are conscious of the colors of parents’ clothing too. Keep kids in your line of sight at all times.

4. Designate a meeting spot at each event in case anyone gets lost.  Don’t rely on cell phones for older children to stay in touch, since cell towers may be overloaded. Quiz your family on where the meeting spot is.

5. Know where to find help.  Make sure you and your family know  where police and medical personnel are located at each event. Ensure kids know important phone numbers, names of parents or relatives who are at the events with them. If a child is lost, don’t wait. Call 9-1-1 immediately. Click HERE for public safety personnel locations & lost kid reporting.

6. Tell kids why it’s important to stay away from parade floats and water.  When kids know why they shouldn’t do something, they are more conscious about being careful.

Explain to your kids how dangerous it is to go near parade floats or to play near the river and canals. 

Stay safe, Idaho Falls!