Leaf Collection

The 2022 Leaf Collection Schedule begins October 24. 

  • Leaves should be piled on the street next to the curb the week prior to your scheduled collection date. (See leaf collection map below.) 
  • All vehicles should be parked off the street during your neighborhood's scheduled time so our equipment can safely and easily sweep up the leaves. 
  • Do not pile limbs and branches with your leaves. 
  • The schedule will be repeated, weather and time permitting, as the leaves accumulate and conditions warrant. Schedule may vary slightly due to workload.
  • For those who would rather bag the leaves or are unable to rake the leave to the curb during the scheduled collection dates, the Sanitation Division will do a one-time curbside pick-up of bagged leaves. To schedule, call (208) 612-8491. The bags cannot weigh more than 50 pounds.
  • According to City ordinance 8-9-11, property owners must keep their trees trimmed 13’ above the street surface at the curb and 15’ at the center of the street surface. This allows the sweepers room to travel under the trees without damage to the equipment or to the trees.