City Recycling Collection Locations

As of September 9, 2019, the City can no longer accept plastic or paper.

The City of Idaho Falls provides thirteen (13) collection locations for recycling! Glass recycling is now available at the collection sites. Glass items that can be recycled include glass bottles of all sizes and colors, food containers and plate glass windows. Items that cannot be recycled include mirrors, ceramic/porcelain and light bulbs.

Curbside Recycling by Western RecyclingWestern Recycling

If you prefer curbside recycling, Western Recycling can help you out with that! 

  • Residential Fee: $10.00 per month, collected every two weeks. The containers are provided by Western Recycling. Extra containers increase the fees slightly.
  • Commercial Fee: Beginning at $17.00 per month.

To contact Western Recycling, visit their website or call (208) 529-9908.

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