Runs, Walks, Rides & Races

Are you interested in holding a 5K, 10K, fun run or walk?  Maybe a bike race?   Call us at Parks & Recreation at (208) 612-8580 to check for available dates.  Then we will need you to complete the park application that you can find in the menu to the left.  After the application is approved by our special event coordinator, you will be notified and you can proceed.  See application HERE for any required fees.  

​If you need any further help with your application, contact event coordinator Mason Handke at (208) 612-8786 or e-mail him at:

We are asking for help with the following problem: Route identifier markings such as spray chalk, paint, ink, stickers, etc., at events being held on our greenbelt and city parks are causing permanent damage to our grass, trails, pavement, and sidewalks at park locations. These kind of markings have resulted in the City Parks Department having to re-pave cement areas of walkways, repaint surfaces, and re-sod grass, costing the department extra labor and unforeseen expenses as well as leaving a visible blemish in these areas.

We are hereby announcing that henceforth we will be strictly enforcing City Code Section 5-10-2 (Prohibition of Graffiti). We will no longer allow spray paint, spray chalk, marker, stickers, crayon, or other means of marking the pathways or grass. These items or any other permanent and/or destructive markings will not be allowed. Any violation will result in an immediate fine to the event holder, the cost of the repairs or cleanup required, as well as a vandalism report being filed with the Idaho Falls Police Department in which the event organizer will be named. The event holder will also be prohibited from reserving any future events with the City of Idaho Falls Division of Parks & Recreation. Please utilize lawn flags, removable signs, or washable sidewalk chalk to mark event routes. We know that with your help, we can improve the appearance of our parks as well as cut costs and provide everyone with wonderful locations in which to hold their events.