Plan a Special Event

What is a special event?  A special event is defined as an occurrence, festival, concert, sporting event, gathering, performance, or the like in or at a public park, outdoor recreation area or facility, or any public parking lot adjacent thereto, where non-alcoholic beverages, food, candy, or other goods may be served. 

​​Special events are a very important part of any community's quality of life.  The City of Idaho Falls sees hundreds of events each year, varying in scope, purpose, cost, and complexity. 
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​​If you are interested in planning a special event such as a wedding, fundraiser, fun run/walk, concert, festival, gathering, rodeo, rally, etc. you can complete an application (see apps to the left of this page) and submit it to our office for review and authorization.  We can help you plan your event and help you find the best location. 

​​For more information, contact our special event coordinator Mason Handke at (208) 612-8786 or email him at:

Park Event Applications

​Extra Small Event (1-99 attendees)Application Here
​Small Event (100-999 attendees) Application Here
​Medium Event (1000-4999 attendees) Application Here
​Large Event (5,000 plus attendees) Application Here
​Wedding or Private Event Application Here
​Sandy Downs/Noise Park Event Application Here
​Block Party Event Application Here
​Marches and Gathering Event Applications Here
​Sports Tournament Event Application Here

​Policies & Procedures for all events Here
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