The Adopt-a-Flowerbed program provides individuals or organizations a perfect opportunity to beautify local surroundings, create community spirit, and install a sense of pride and accomplishment as flowers bloom, attracting, birds and butterflies.

Please help beautify the City of Idaho Falls by adopting a flowerbed this spring/summer!  Every year, the City of Idaho Falls relies on the help of volunteers to plant and care for 14 different flowerbeds around the City.  Volunteers will design their flowerbed based upon the flowers grown in the the Maxine Elliot Greenhouse located in Rosehill Cemetery.  

More about Maxine Elliott Kussy HERE

Program Commitment: 
Once a week or as needed, volunteer(s) commit to tending to flowerbed by weeding and dead heading plants.  If volunteer(s) are unable to maintain flowerbed the adopter must notify the City of Idaho Falls Horticulturist immediately (please do not wait for plants to become overrun with weeds and dying) and the City will take over maintenance of the bed.  

Steps to Adopt: 
1.) Fill out Adopt-a-Flowerbed Application and submit to
2.) Sign Volunteer Waiver (submitted with application)
3.) Park's Staff will notify you of your approved/denied application
4.) If accepted, you will setup a date in late May or early June to pick up Flowers
5.) Plant flowers and Begin maintaining flowerbed

Additional Information:
The City of Idaho Falls Park's Department will supply adopters with:
- Flowers
- Garbage Bags
Any other items volunteer may need, must be provided by the volunteer.  

Special Thanks to all off our 2022 Flowerbed Adopters:
1.) Fielding Mural: South end of the Fielding Cemetery : Kirsten Coyne
2.) Fielding Circle: In the middle of the Cemetery : Kirsten Coyne
3.) Fielding Triangles : Jessie and Colin Simpson
4.) Rosehill Fountain: Old part across bridge : Laura Gray
5.) Rosehill Corner: Corner of Rollandet and 21st : Laura Gray
6.) Rosehill 21st Street entrance : Matt Truman
7.) City Hall: Parking Lot Raised Beds : Jenn Strong, Troop 387
8.) Native American Totem: North Tourist Park across from Burger King : Ed and Roxann Phillips
9.) West Bank: Across from Hotel on the Falls : Heather Rasmussen
10.) Shriners Rose Bed: by Ice Arena : Amanda Stoebner
11.) Community Park Rock: Middle of park : Randi Dallas
12.) Tautphaus Park Memorial Bed: by the old barn : Katie Hansen, Troop 425
13.) Freeman Park Memorial Beds: Sides on Veteran's Memorial : Amy Gallagher
14.) Aquatic Center: Main front entrance : Roamer Transport Inc.
15. ) Museum of Idaho : 


Help beautify our downtown by donating to our beautiful hanging baskets. To donate, call 208-612-6316.