1. Tree Trimming Ordinance

    Springtime is Tree Trimming Time

    To ensure public safety in rights-of-way, the city of Idaho Falls has tree trimming requirements.  A right-of-way is a public space that needs to be maintained free and clear of any obstructions.  The city's tree trimming ordinance is designed to improve visibility of stop signs, traffic signals, street name signs and other items related to public safety.  Click HERE to learn more!
  1. Discover Fall 2018

    DISCOVER Idaho Falls!

    Get ready to slide into winter with the latest and greatest edition of DISCOVER Idaho Falls!  Click here to find out about all the fun and exciting activities for you and your family going in Idaho Falls in the Fall/Winter edition of DISCOVER today!

  1. IF FIber Website

    The Idaho Falls Fiber Program is Underway!

    The Idaho Falls Fiber Pilot Program kicks off March 4th with the launch of the new Idaho Falls Fiber Website. Click HERE to check pilot program areas, see if you are eligible and sign up for service today!